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Adult male webcam

All sea lions share the instinct to return to rookery islands during this time.

The dominant male lion established a vast territory for his pride to hunt in.The family diet is 99% fish, supplemented with other reptiles and crustaceans.When the chicks are 10 days old, they are already mobile and eat 1-3 lbs. On the morning of July 30, the surviving osprey chick was jumping and hopping...The osprey is a large raptor, often known as the “fish hawk.” Both male and female osprey work together to create the nest.Once eggs are laid (typically 1-3), the osprey take turns incubating the eggs.He must constantly defend the territory from other males or prides that may want to use the area for hunting.

Females are the primary hunters and work in groups to stalk and ambush animals like antelope, zebras, buffalo and even elephants or giraffes.

During the summer months, it is not uncommon to see few or no sea lions at PIER 39’s K-Dock.

California sea lions travel south to give birth and breed on offshore island rookeries, ranging from Southern California’s Channel Island south to Mexico.

Unlike most other large cats, lions live and hunt in family groups called prides.

A pride generally consists of 3 males, 10 – 15 females and their offspring.

Note: the rains have cleared some of the murkiness from the osprey cam!