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Received date: November 14, 2015 Accepted date: December 14, 2015 Published date: December 18, 2015 Citation: Ajaegbu OO (2015) Premarital Sex, HIV and Use of Condom among Youths in Nigeria. doi: 10.4172/2151-6200.1000146 Copyright: © 2015 Ajaegbu OO.

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The survey revealed that only 18.5% of young women that had sex in the 12 months preceding the survey used condom.Selection of the second set of information is based on the geographic location of the area under study.For example, a comparison of the region of interest with other regions, and/or with the entire country, may be preferred.Due to lack of experience and sex education, many young people are becoming increasingly exposed to the risk of HIV infection.In the light of the above, this study discussed premarital sex, HIV and use of condom among youths in Nigeria.Out of 3306 never-married sexually active men and women, 1728 representing 52% live in urban areas and 43% of them did not use condom during sexual intercourse in the 12 months preceding the survey.

The study concludes by recommending that to achieve reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence among Nigerian youths, effort must be directed towards educating youths on the importance of condom use sexual intercourse.

Studies and reports that discuss sex-selective abortion are based on the assumption that birth sex ratio—the overall ratio of boys and girls at birth for a regional population, is an indicator of sex-selective abortion.

Human sex ratio at birth that is significantly different from 106 is often assumed to be correlated to the prevalence and scale of sex-selective abortion.

Using data from Table 3-1, the following example demonstrates the use of Equation 3-2.

Equation 3-2: Calculating Percent Change, with Examples Presenting the Information To present population information, it is necessary to compare the data with another source of information.

This assumption has been questioned by some scholars.