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But agency officials won’t say what kind of legal work $129,500 buys.They also won’t precisely explain why they hired Philips Lytle last November or what the lawyers are doing. I’m guessing that I…VILLAGE OF LEWISTON – An Oriole Lane man told police that a woman stole several items from his home while he was on the telephone reporting her to police. Lelievre came to his apartment last Sunday morning, took his cellular telephone and locked herself in his bathroom.

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The Erie County Water Authority last year declared a purchasing “emergency” so it could hire a law firm and then racked up more than $129,500 in legal fees.Her favorite class was Dari, the local language, before she had to leave her studies to get married. w=300&h=224 300w, sizes="(max-width: 195px) 100vw, 195px" / Amanpour asked Sinclair if the 11-year-old Afghan girl married in 2005, and others like her, consummate their marriages at such an early age.She is one of the 51 million child brides around the world today. Sinclair says while many Afghans told her the men would wait until puberty, women pulled her aside to tell her that indeed the men do have sex with the prepubescent brides.The Edmonton Police Service Major Collision Investigations Unit is investigating a pedestrian/vehicle collision that occurred overnight in southwest Edmonton, which sent a 23-year-old male to hospital with serious injuries.Homicide detectives are releasing the name of a 31-year-old male who was shot while sitting in his vehicle in northwest Edmonton Saturday evening with the hope that it will generate information that assists them with their investigation.And it's not just Muslims; it happens across many cultures and regions. Sinclair has been working on the project for nearly a decade.

Photographer Stephanie Sinclair has traveled the world taking pictures, like the one of the Afghan couple, to document the phenomenon. She goes into the areas with help from people in these communities who want the practice to stop, because they see the harmful repercussions. I hated to see him," Tahani (in pink) recalls of the early days of her marriage to Majed, when she was 6 and he was 25.

EUREKA - Sheriff Honsal held a press conference to share more details of the coordinated attack on a correctional officer at the Humboldt County Jail.

Honsal said, "People drive by this correctional facility every day and they see it and they recognize its the jail but they don't know what goes on here." The Sheriffs Office says that Wednesday evening at Correctional Deputy Dillon Huffman was conducting routine bed checks in the maximum security housing unit when two inmates asked him to look at art in their cell.

…A 74-year-old man who lives in his vehicle is charged with arson in the third degree for allegedly setting fire to another person's house in Allegany County. Marvel was arrested Thursday in connection with a residential fire on Karr-Valley Road in Almond.

Marvel has previously purchased a tractor and a van from the own…TOWN OF LOCKPORT – A woman from Georgia who was driving to the Niagara County Jail to visit an inmate ended up getting a free ride there from sheriff's deputies after she was spotted passing several vehicles on the shoulder of the road. attended his father's funeral Saturday without incident.

When Huffman opened the door, the pair immediately attacked him, punching him in the face repeatedly as Huffman tried to get away and call for backup.