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Sex addiction is also known as an ‘intimacy disorder’ or ‘intimacy malfunction.’ This means sufferers cannot maintain a healthy intimate relationship with another.

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All programmes we offer are entirely residential in nature meaning you must live within the rehab centre during your treatment programme.A sex addiction commonly co-occurs with drug or alcohol misuse.Sex addicts are constantly preoccupied with thinking about sex.Sometimes it can seem like cyberbullying will never end.But there are some things you can do to make it stop. Telling someone you trust could help you report the cyber bullying and give you more confidence to deal with the situation.I have touched on the subject of human trafficking in my last couple of articles.

This week I want to branch out and give you a little more information on the subject.

Academics have developed of a registry of evidenced-based programmes that have been found to be effective in reducing the severity of suicidal thoughts and repeat suicidal behaviour.

However, the implementation of many of these programmes in the New Zealand setting has yet to occur.

However, this knowledge has not lead to the development of interventions to treat this complex behaviour.

I believe if the rate of suicide among New Zealand men is to come down we need to have conversations, perhaps interviews with men at risk of suicide (unemployed, experiencing alcohol and/or other drug issues, relationship difficulties or breakups) and male suicide attempt survivors to uncover additional insight into their distress in the hope of creating potential solutions.

You could talk to a friend, an adult you trust or one of our trained counsellors.